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Buono-uk - This is my other website, a tribute to girl-band BUONO

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Atomic Kitten Night
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If you wish to link to this site, please do,
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Below are useful programs I have used to make this website.
Programs below work on Windows XP and Vista.
Clicking on them will open their homepages so you can find out more. They are all freeware but you can send them a donation if you wish.

GOM media player, makes screen captures from downloaded videos, also it can play almost any type of music or video file that you may have stored on your computer. The audio and picture is adjustable so you can achieve good quality playback even from low quality video files.

Faststone image viewer, has many features useful for viewing pictures if you have a collection stored on your computer. View a thumbnail display of your collection or scroll through pictures with mouse wheel. Magnify pictures or create a slideshow with music and special effects.

Photofiltre image editing program. Also GIMP image editing program. Edit and improve pictures from the internet or from your own camera, and create wallpapers, blends, artwork, and graphics.

Daz Studio creates 3D human figures.

Nvu will create and edit web pages, so you can use it to build a complete internet website. It gives a display of your web page while you are building it, so page layout is easy.
You don't need to know HTML coding, because it creates that part automatically for you. Build your web pages offline and upload them to your webspace when completed.

Awardspace. You can host your website there. Upload your web pages using their online page or you can use quick and easy FTP upload. They give you generous webspace size and bandwidth allowance, the service is reliable, and they don't put ads on your site. Basic account is free, or you can pay for extra features. This website is on Awardspace.

Photobucket image file hosting, you can upload and store pictures there and link to them in forums, or in your website. Upload and download speeds are good.

Fastmail email service, very easy to use and a reliable service.

Avant internet browser. View several webpages within the same browser, also it gives an easy to use full screen view by using hidden toolbars. It will automatically use your favorites you already have in Internet Explorer.

Lindy's Graphics. Images for web page backgrounds.

AAA Buttons. Buttons for web page links.

Grisoft AVG anti virus program, 
easy to use and works well at catching viruses.

Spybot protects computer from spyware. Easy to install and update, and made by a trustworthy security company.